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Electric Landlady

In this journal we obey the laws of thermodynamics!

Me, my dog, my house, and the stuff I read. When I have time.
9 chickweed lane, ab fab, africa, aimee mann, airedales, allotments, amnesty international, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, assembling ikea furniture, be good tanyas, boiled in lead, books, canada, celtic music, children's literature, choirs, choral singing, cities, classical civilization, claudia black, cold girly steel, comic books, comics, communication, community gardens, cooking, disaster management, disney cartoons, doctor who, eco-stuff, emma bull, enantiomers, energy policy, english language, epilepsy, fantasy, farscape, feminism, flash girls, folk music, folklore, gardening, georgette heyer, gillian welch, government, horses, ideas, infill housing, intentional community, international development, ireland, jane austen, jane jacobs, jann arden, jennifer crusie, jessica jahiel, john brunner, katharine hepburn, kenya, kirsty maccoll, knitting, lady's not for burning, lauren bacall, leonard cohen, libraries, lindsey davis, livable cities, lois mcmaster bujold, lord peter wimsey, lucinda williams, m didius falco, mary walsh, montreal, movies, music, natural horsemanship, neil gaiman, nina simone, orkney, permaculture, post-impressionism, public health, public transit, reading, reproductive health, reproductive rights, robin mckinley, rosalind franklin, roses, ruthless pragmatism, sandman, science fiction, scotland, sean bean, shakespeare, singing, smart men, social justice, steven brust, sustainability, sustainable development, sustainable living, swallows and amazons, terry pratchett, the grow home, theatre, this is wonderland, time travel, tolerance, tori amos, toronto, transportation policy, travel, travelling, urban density, urban fantasy, urban planning, ursula k le guin, usability, used bookstores, veronica mars, victoria williams, writing, yoga